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November 2, 2007
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“Otouto!!!!!!!” Itachi cried sauntering into the living room. Sasuke flinched

“….Yes, Aniki?” he replied calmly his eyes drawn to the shifting bundle in his older brother’s arms. “I got you a birthday present!!!!”

“….Aniki, my birthday’s in July…. It’s December….” Itachi blinked “Oh, well Christmas then!”

“…Right…” Sasuke eyes traveled back down to the mass of cloth as a whine came from it. “What are you holding?”

“Your present!” Itachi flumped gracefully onto the couch with Sasuke and pulled away the cloth to reveal…a furry bum. Sasuke sweatdropped as a silver fox tail with a white tip wiggled in the air. Suddenly the fox kit squirmed its way backwards, out of the cloth and onto Sasuke’s lap. Azure eyes stared at him, the kit’s ears pricked towards Itachi when the older Uchiha squealed, yes, you heard me, squealed. “Isn’t it adorable?!?!?” Itachi cried cuddling the fox, before it abruptly scratched him on the nose. “Ow!” Itachi whimpered. Sasuke nearly managed to change a snort into a cough. “It’s not funny!” Itachi muttered glaring at the fox.

The fox glared back. Oh it remembered that voice, the annoying high-pitched giggles it could make, and the voice that had bought him from a hunter and carried him, not too gently, here.

“I *pfft* don’t think it likes you, Aniki.” Sasuke managed. The fox noting that the brothers were occupied sprang for the door “It’s escaping.” Sasuke stated emotionlessly.

“Oh, no! Okaa-san told me to make sure you took care of it, or else!” Itachi wailed scrambling off the couch. Sasuke paled ‘or else?’ he numbly thought watching his older brother dive for the kistune.   

The fox saw him and swiftly tuned resulting in Itachi crashing into the wall. Sasuke cursed lunging for the kit.

“Not so fast!” he managed to pin the wriggling body, he unconsciously brushed his hand under the fox’s tail (yes, there) the kit meeped before a silvery cloud engulfed them.

“Ah, Otouto!” Itachi sweatdropped when Sasuke shot out of the smoke, a severe nosebleed flushing down his front.

“You’re such a perverted jerk!” a voice growled. Itachi blinked when the smoke disappeared, a blonde-haired boy in its wake.

Naruto Yaoi Fanfiction~

Naruto is kidnapped by a deranged nail-polish wearing weirdo for his younger brother’s birthday present! Luckily he’s in his fox form at the time. Upon arrival he is announced as Uchiha Sasuke’s pet!

Disclaimer- Naruto character's aren't mine, however the story line is!!!
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